‘No other world but England’ offers a unique representation of subcultures within contemporary Britain and through portraiture, celebrates social, cultural and religious diversity and traditions throughout England. 
England is home to a series of fascinating, extraordinary and wonderful cultural, religious and traditional festivals and events including Cheese Rolling, Bog Snorkelling and Coal Carrying championships; Diwali, Whitby Goth Festival and Vaisakhi to name only a few. Visiting specific gatherings of people who share interests, traditions, cultures, religions, Ryley Morton celebrates and documents the people who keep these traditions and cultures alive by capturing, on location, traditional studio style portraits using a portable photobooth. 
Adopting historical methodology, reminiscent of Edward S Curtis, Ryley has designed and created a purpose-built portable photobooth that uses natural light. It allows him to access remote locations and capture ‘in the moment’ classically lit documentary portraits of people as each event and festival unfolds. Capturing the true energy, emotion and attire of those celebrating - a technique inspired by Rineke Dijkstra. Ryley links traditional practice and contemporary culture.
 This approach is influenced by Andres Serrano's project 'Nomads,' which itself draws inspiration from the work of Edward S. Curtis. A devoted photographer who dedicated his later years to the nomadic documentation of the diminishing Navajo tribes in the USA, using a teepee tent with an aperture cut into its side to utilise natural lighting for his subjects.

The Booth at Gawthorpe Maypole coal carrying championships 

The booth in use
The booth in use
Setting up the booth
Setting up the booth
the booth in use
the booth in use
Border Morris dancers being photographed using the Booth
Border Morris dancers being photographed using the Booth
Abby - Cheese Rolling – Gloucester
Flying in from North Carolina two days before the roll, Abby is a 2 X World Cheese Rolling Champion. Only attending Cheese Rolling twice and winning both times she has a 100% success rate for winning wheels of cheese.
Gurdeep – Vaisakhi Festival – Smethwick, Birmingham 
Originally from the Punjab region of India, Gurdeep studies business, computing and IT at Aston University in Birmingham city. We met while celebrating the Sikh festival Vaisakhi, at Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick, Birmingham.
Verity – World Coal Carrying Championships – Gawthorpe Maypole 
Verity attends the World Coal Carrying Championships each year and always partakes in the race. She ran the distance of 1012m, uphill, with a 20KG sack of coal on her back, loaned to the event by a local coal company. Finishing the race is no easy feat and even in 17th place Verity couldn’t be happier.
Hector (MBE) – Benjamin Zephaniah Mural Unveiling – Handsworth Park, Birmingham
Known to many as Mr Handsworth, Hector Pinkney (MBE) has devoted his life to the community of Handsworth. His hard work has earnt him the respect of his community and in 2017 a statue titled ‘SS journey’ was erected in Handsworth Park depicting Hector looking out from the bow of a ship.
Daniel – Nottingham Puppet Festival 
Daniel and his wife Liz started their puppet theatre company (Lempen Puppet Theatre) in 1986 and since have been traveling the world with their handmade puppets hosting various puppet festivals and events.
Casey – Birmingham Pride Parade
Chris – Birmingham Pride Parade
April – Birmingham Pride Parade

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